Indie Spectacle Fighter

2016-02-28 23:52:04 by DiamondHengeStudios

For those of you that still follow me/Diamondhenge, I began developing a stick figure action game with some animators from Hyun's Dojo about six months ago. Eventually, I ran out of resources to pay for their services so I had to learn how to animate myself. Somehow, I was actually able to pick up 3D animating pretty quickly and decided to use the engine I had to make a spectacle fighter. Now that I finally have everything together, I thought I would post an alpha build of my game to get some feedback on the engine's "game feel".


If you're interested, you can download the Windows version of the alpha build from the following link:



Rise from the Ashes

2013-09-26 12:49:10 by DiamondHengeStudios

Wow... I can't believe it's been two years since my last post...
I should probably call this the... "rebirth" of DiamondHenge Studios.

A lot has happened in the last two years, and I can probably say that the days of "Clash of the Sprites" are over...
At first, I believed that making sprite games would be the perfect way for me to work alone and still have great animations.
However, I found that using ripped sprites were just as restricting as they were useful.
Using sprites from Sonic and Mario games, would usually mean that their possible actions would be restricted.
I found that could never leave the threshold set by the premade animations were already available.
Not to mention, there was the obvious issue that using ripped sprites to make money (via Ad Revenue) was probably in violation of Copyright and could potentially bring me trouble later on.

I decided to try my hand at a more original idea with my most recent game ("recent" being a rather relative term) Ascending From Tredecim.
I was able to draw sub par animations and make a decent engine.
However, I still felt like Tredecim lacked that "oomph" I was trying to generate.
I was also working in AS2 at the time, so the engine was far from being efficient and polished.

I eventually built up the work ethic to pick up AS3 and realized I was pretty damn good at programming.
I took some basic classes on programming and eventually realized I could probably pursue a career in Computer Science.
Long story short, I am now pursuing a Specialist in Computer Science at University of Toronto as well as learning game design on the side.

I plan to take DiamondHenge Studios to the next level with my next two RPG projects.
Although, my small fanbase may be disappointed with the discontinuation of Clash of the Sprites, they will also have something much better to look forward to.

And this is only the beginning...

With the production of my latest Tredecim Project and the Hiatus I've put on Clash of the Sprites EPS3 I've felt that the sprite turn-based battle gameplay is extremely overused, especially on this site.

So I've pitched around the idea that I scrap the old turn-by-turn clash of the sprites gameplay and sub in a 2-D Platformer style battle system, similar to the JRPG "Tales of Hearts" for the DS

If I even have a fanbase, I'd like to know your opinions...

Breaking away from the old Sprite RPG's

Clash of the Sprites 3 put on Hiatus

2011-01-17 16:28:30 by DiamondHengeStudios

Yes... yes, I know you've been waiting for a while but I've had an epiphany that I just can't ignore.
I speak of... the TREDECIM project.

I've finally had a breakthrough with some code that I was originally making for episode three and realized an awesome way I could apply it to 2.5D sidescrolling gameplay.

I've gone to the trouble of putting together an elite group of concept artists. The Revelation.
Working with the revelation I will innovate the flash RPG world (hopefully).

Clash of the Sprites 3 put on Hiatus

Lots of Work Going into Episode Three

2010-01-28 20:00:29 by DiamondHengeStudios

I don't even know if I have a fan-base that will even read this....
but anyways, to anyone who cares...
I've gotten a lot off feedback on the bugs in EPS 2
It seems a freezing problem occurs that keeps people from winning.
This problem occurs because the game really should be played on a high quality computer
Sorry for the inconvinience, I will try to find a work-around on the problem.
But maybe we should leave the past behind us.

Episode Three is going to be a big improvement from my works in the because...

- 2D Platforming elements will be involved
- More plot elements will be revealed
- More than just one battle this time
- Minigames will take place inbetween
- You will have access to five times as much attacks than in the older episodes
- Fight Scenes will take place
- More characters from other games will appear (not saying who)
- Battle System has been improved and has a new look
- Animation will be slightly improved
- Quality will be easy to adjust
- Final product will be Beta tested on different speed computers

(Sorry about the loss of quality in the image)

Hey everybody!

2009-07-31 23:01:29 by DiamondHengeStudios

I decided that I should post a news post since my first flash game submission seems to be somewhat successful. In other news I'm planning to go into spriting and creating another series called "Clash of the Sprites". Maybe in the near future, the Shadoo series may integrate with this one... deatial are sketchy.

Hey everybody!